He was born in Piacenza, Italy, on 19 Nov, class of 1964. Graduated in “Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis at the University of MI 1988 with 110 cum laude. He improved his knowledge in Conservative, Prosthetics and Periodontology with the annual courses of Dr. S. Patroni and Dr. PP Cortellini. Thus the specialization course in Implant surgery techniques, (Prof. Weistein) at the University of MI, and the advanced surgery course applied to the implantology of Dr. C. Tinti and M. Simion. Perfects the techniques of mucogingival surgery with the theoretical-practical course of Prof G. Zucchelli. Active member of the Accademia Italiana di Conservativa e Restaurativa (AIC) since 1996 Member of the Membership Acceptance Commission 2001 / 06-2006 / 11- 2019/24 and of the Cultural Commission 2012-2015. Active member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (IAED) since 2012 and member of the board of director. Active member of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine (IADDM) since 2015. Visiting Professor at the University of Pavia (Italy), visiting professor at the Master of Restorative Dentistry, University of Torino, Bologna, Milano (Humanitas Huniversity). Speaker on topics of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology at several courses and congresses at national and international level. Author of conservative and prosthetic dentistry publications in national and international journals. Author of the chapters related to amalgam and composite restorations of the Text “Restorative Dentistry” Elselvier Ed. 2009. Author of some chapter of the book Esthetic Restorative Dentistry by AIC pubb. by Quintessence 2021.  Author of the innovative book in two volumes entitled “Solutions – Restorative adhesive techniques and integrated surgical procedures” Edra Ed. 2021. He was awarded the “Premio Case Report Dentista Moderno” 2002 first prize by the journal. Finalist (3rd place) at the international AIOP-APS Excellence in Prosthodontics Award, 2015. Reviewer for the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry. He holds several training and specialization courses with hands-on about restorative dentistry with a multidisciplinary approach, at his own center (MFV Communication) in Vigolzone. Private Practice in Vigolzone (PC, Italy) from 01.04.1989 with a multidisciplinary approach to dentistry.

Approccio adesivo e chirurgico per il restauro dei denti trattati endodonticamente

Ven 10 Nov


Adhesive and Surgical approach for the restoration of the endodontically treated teeth

The literature highlights that a large number of endodontically treated teeth are lost, not so much for the poor quality of endodontic treatments, but for the fractures due to incongruous restorative treatments. The causes inducing a lower resistance and therefore a higher probability of fracture of endodontically treated teeth are analyzed in this lecture.The selection criteria (local and general parameters) are discussed as well as the modern strategy of treatment for the restorations of the ETT. The evolution of adhesive aesthetic materials has radically changed the clinical approach. Direct technique is classically indicated in small and medium-sized restorations so, rarely they find indications in the restorations of ETT. The semi-direct and indirect techniques involve the employment of layered or CAD-CAM composite materials and ceramic materials (Di LI) with die-casting or CAD-CAM techniques on traditional or digital impressions. An innovative cavity design (Morphology Driven Preparation Technique, MDPT), published by the author, will be illustrated together with a whole series of updated conceived indirect restorations, which allow to draw a new borderline between conservative and prosthesis for the restoration of the endodontically treated teeth from the single element up to full mouth adhesive rehabilitation. All-ceramic adhesive crowns are mainly indicated in the case of prosthetic re-treatments. All restorative techniques can be integrated with surgical procedures, in cases regarding severely compromised elements with subgingival lesions (wide caries, fractures) which involve the Supracrestal Tissue Attachment, making impossible the restorative phase without the surgical one. Indications, published classification (EJED 2010, “Solutions” 2022) and related differentiated therapeutic approaches will be discussed :deep margin elevations, surgical exposure of the margin, clinical crown lengthening . The advantages and power of the integrated surgical-restorative approach, based on clinical evidence, will be highlighted in order to open new future clinical horizons!

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