Giorgio Lavagnoli

Possible Submissions:

At the prize will compete Case Reports or Case Series of specific endodontic interest in both clinical and surgical area.

15 Maggio 2022

Award Regulations

Official language of the Congress: English

Giorgio Lavagnoli Award is reserved to the Authors, members of the Italian Society of Endodontics, who have regularized their membership no later than 15th July 2022. Single Case report and/or Case Series can compete for the Award:

  • Case Report: the author must be just one and he must be the clinical case worker presented.
  • Case Series: The presenting Author should be the Author of at least one of the presented clinical cases.

The Author can be a co-Author in several works, but speaker only in one.

The duration of each presentation, both in the awarding sessions and in the ordinary sessions of the Congress, must not exceed 17 minutes in duration with the addition of 3 minutes for discussion. Any delay is not allowed and if this happens the session chairman will stop the speaker at the end of the scheduled time.


Each Abstract of the scientific works presented for the Giorgio Lavagnoli Award that will be submitted to the examination of the Cultural Committee should be written and presented in ENGLISH language and structured as below:


Single Case Report or Case Series will be only admitted. The submitting Author should be responsible for the single Case Report or should be the Author of at least one of the presented Case Series.

The introductive part of the abstract should include a detailed “case description”, which should describe how the diagnosis has been reached, how the treatment has been planned and which will be the prognosis.


While describing the objectives, the Author should re-confirm the treatment plan according to the scientific literature indications.


Describe in detail the techniques used to treat the clinical case. The Author should submit radiographic documentation of the case examinated according to the criteria established by CAS – SIE Membership Acceptance Council. Radiographic documents should be completed by photos.


Describing the results, the Author should highlight the results, advantages and disadvantages of the procedures performed.


It’s important to explain if the treatment performed is in accordance or not with supported scientific evidence.


Abstract should satisfied the following requirements, under penalty of exclusion:

  • should be specified: the category for which you are competing, the title of the relation, name and qualification of all the Authors. Provide address and e-mail address of the main Author;
  • the lenght of the abstract should be between 1600 and 2750 characters with blank spaces included; references are not included in the count.
  • references between 5 and 10, should have a scientific relevance. The Author should link the reference with a number listed on references lists.
  • the abstract should be sent to SIE in digital format only, using the specific submission page on the SIE website.
  • if the abstract contains some images, they should be included in the presentation form, and not attached on different files.
  • Any revisions requested by the Cultural Committee to be respected and sent back no later than 5 days from receipt of the communication and the work reproposed must have the same structure and the same number of characters imposed by Regulation of the first Abstract presented, under penalty of exclusion of the submitted work.

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